We strive to be unique in all services, we provide both to clients and employees including the benefits and perks. When you become a Consultant of ALGEBRAIT, in essence you will be a full-time employee and you will gain many of the same benefits of a permanent employee. We continually review our benefits in an attempt to provide you with many of the best benefit programs available in the industry. At ALGEBRAIT we believe our employees are our most valuable asset. We also believe that benefits are an extremely important part of an employment relationship.

Career Development Benefits

  • Computer-based and classroom training offered through ALGEBRAIT
  • Management training
  • Drug Free Workplace training
  • External management and technical seminars

Medical Insurance

ALGEBRAIT offers a comprehensive medical PPO (Preferred Provider Organization) Plan through Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBSM). This plan allows you the flexibility to pick from a variety of doctors in the network without the hassles of referrals or having to choose a primary care physician. You may opt for single, two-person (employee and spouse or dependent) or family coverage. This coverage also includes the physician′s card for your convenience.

Dental Insurance

ALGEBRAIT offers a flexible dental plan. Through this plan, you may choose your own dentist from a large network. Dental Insurance is considered as an elective part of the Medical Insurance plan and is offered at a minimal cost to employee of ALGEBRAIT and also with a small charge for additional family members.

Paid Time Off

ALGEBRAIT appreciates your hard work and loyalty. We offer Paid Time Off (PTO) to all fulltime employees. These days are for whatever personal needs that you have for personal time, holidays and/or vacation. Should you opt for PTO, then you will receive eight hours of Holiday Pay at your current hourly rate for each of these days.

Payroll Processing

Even if you change clients or contracts, ALGEBRAIT treats your payroll as a permanent priority. We take the responsibility for billing the client. Furthermore, you never have to worry about a pay check from ALGEBRAIT. We assume all responsibility for billing to and collecting from the client and for deducting the necessary federal, state and local taxes from your pay check.